El-Adde Education project involved the rehabilitation of both primary and Secondary schools in El-Adde and was meant to be used a benchmark for the whole Gedo region.

Gannaane organization was the implementer of this programme which was sponsored by Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Norwegian Church Aid and Somali Diaspora Community. Today, the community has a fully developed, well enhanced and standard primary and secondary schools on a Government Education curriculum.  Since the completion, we have seen a sharp rise in the enrolment of boys and girls into the primary school which is a great milestone toward girl-child and boy-child education and a deterrent to FGM practices in this area. The project has also ensured continued education for primary pupils who proceed to secondary and eventually to the colleges and universities.

However, we still appeal to willing donors, philanthropists, community and diaspora community to continue supporting this project as the country is still challenged socio-economically and insecurity is still a menace.