The first school in El-adde town was started in 1993 by El-adde community in collaboration with the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)

The school started with four classroomss of thatched houses & with 25 students

Initially, the NCA gave small allowances to the teachers and staff.

In 1998, the school attracted the attention og he diaspora community

School classrooms were increased to 8 classes with increase demand

Six new teachers were recruited to meet with the increasing number of students

The first grduates from the primary school took place in 2004/2005

In 2005, Gannaane ry dispatched for a fact-finding mission to El-adde from the department of international development of the Finnish foreign ministry

Two people departed for this mission & saw the first-hand need for the secondary school

Search for solution: Mobilization of the Diaspora Community with Gannaane ry

The Diaspora Community organized themselves to help their home town in 2005 for the construction of a secondary school

First Call to Action was: fundraising (Yabooh) – sustained charity (Sadaqa Jaariya)

The Gedo District Committee (GDC) mobilized the town’s stakeholders like businessmen and farmers to participate in teleconferences

Local organization: ARD Key results

total Pledges of $55,000 was raised in the first teleconference fundraising

the actual cash collected from pledges was $42,000 within 3 months

the secondary school which was consisting of 7 rooms stablished

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