The environmental project, which started in 2014, was financed with development cooperation funds, donations and diaspora membership fees, as well as funds from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the international organization Trocaire org.

Planting trees and testing species. Increasing environmental awareness. Aiming for an environmentally more sustainable local government. New ideas for charcoal sellers.

Guriel and Dhusamareeb in Galmudug region, El-Adde in Gedo region and Afmadow in Jubaland region.

Beneficiaries include families in the project areas, farmers, women, charcoal producers and sellers, local governments, students, teachers and volunteers. In the long run many communities in the dry areas in Somalia and Horn of Africa will benefit from improved state of the environment and environment protection know-how.

The project started in 2014. The current project phase of 2019–2022 will be the final phase of the project. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs development cooperation funds, donations and membership fees.

I wish that the project would expand to several locations, so more people could gain from its benefits.”

With who?